Queenswood embrace the use of digital and visual technologies to supplement traditional engagement strategies. By creating new ways of communicating complex ideas simply, we are helping projects achieve and maintain consent.

We can help you build trust with the people that matter.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis
  • Advising, planning and carrying out programmes of stakeholder engagement in support of project design development phases and to generate advocacy

Community Engagement

  • Treating each member of the community as an individual
  • Liaising with local communities during projects
  • Building trust and relationships
  • Sharing project information and notifications
  • Complaints management
  • Running community liaison groups
  • Coordinating industry scheme requirements (e.g. Considerate Constructors Scheme) Reporting

Public Consultation

  • Intricate knowledge of due process, managed considerately and intelligently
  • Strategising, planning and carrying out Public Consultations for major infrastructure projects, including for DCO and Hybrid Bill
  • Engaging with key stakeholders and governing bodies during consultation periods

Government Affairs

  • Building relations between projects and politicians, governments and influencers
  • In depth knowledge of government protocol, to protect your project and keep it favourable in the eyes of decision makers

Community Investment

  • Imaginative community investment programmes, with sustainability in mind
  • Advising on, designing and carrying out programmes of strategic and local community investment, writing Strategic Labour Needs and Training (SLNT) plans and delivering on them

Digital Engagement

  • Using the latest technology to carefully segment your audience and always reach the right people
  • Engaging audiences through digital channels – website and content creation and management, social media platform creation, communications management and social listening
  • Social media strategy and campaign delivery to generate interest from desired stakeholder groups

Marketing Communications Planning

  • We deliver a measured, campaign-based approach using compelling content
  • Comprehensive project management of all aspects of communications and marketing activity including strategy and campaign plan development
  • Key messaging and crisis communications planning

Marketing Communications Production